One of my most distinctive memories as a child was walking into a three story Barnes & Noble. In my eight-year-old brain, it was as grandiose as being in a five hundred year old Irish castle. The sun shone through the skylight ceiling in a kaleidoscope of light as the escalator rose as if it were taking you straight to the heavens. 

In the late eighties & early nineties, there were no cell phones, social media, e-readers, tablets, high speed internet or the many other electronic conveniences we now take for granted. Many claim it was a much simpler time when parents dropped their kids off at skating rinks and said “See you in two hours. Don’t talk to strangers.” 

One thing that still remains the same for me in the twenty first century is my love for books, reading & writing. I still get giddy at the pure sight of an unexplored bookstore. As I venture in and thumb my way through the books on display the smell of paper takes me back to my eight year old self standing in the three story Barnes & Noble. It’s my very favorite place in the world. 

In the present day, you’ll find me currently residing in Austin while wrangling two tiny humans under the age of 6, reading a book, watching Netflix with the husband, writing or spending time in nature. Thanks for stopping in!